Intelligent DNS

Various demands, one countermeasure, all you want is here


DNS principle and CloudXNS

  • 01.About DNS
  • 02.DNS basic concept
  • 03.DNS analytic process
  • 04.About CloudXNS system
  • 05.CloudXNS system advantage(s)
  • 06.How to take over domain
  • 07.Our services and team strengths

Work out analysis with four steps

  • 01.Register
  • 02.Add domain
  • 03.Configuration analysis
  • 04.Alter NS


Use extension functions

  • 01.Add AX record
  • 02.Add LINK record
  • 03.Add 301 redirect record
  • 04.Open intelligent hosting (X optimization) service
  • 05.Use X variable function

Down switch

  • 01.Add spare ip
  • 02.Add monitor
  • 03.Edit monitor
  • 04.Pause and clean monitor
  • 05.Check log

Private line

  • 01.What is private line?
  • 02.Open private
  • 03.Configure line
  • 04.Add private line analysis


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