The connected world, based on fast element; the way of security, relies on defense

Website acceleration

Acceleration nodes that all over the national backbone networks and leading techniques of page optimizaiton reduce network delay significantly, improve loading speed.

Take the lead to support HTTP and HTTPs acceleration at the same time in the whole network, obtain speed and security at the same time.

Secure and stable

Professional Web firewall and chip-level equipments that prevent DDoS/CC, effectively prevent all kinds of attack, solve your troubles.

Business-level highly stable protection of NewDefend, guard data center in the whole day, let your website as strong as possible.

Data analysis

Real time data analysis system, recognize Hacker attack immediately, convenient to obtain website acceleration data.

DDOS prevention

Enterprise-level equipments that prevent DDOS, bandwidth with flow above T, help you prevent all kinds of flow attack, so as to be free of DDOS attack.

Cloud firewall

Website online services for defensing intercept SQL injection, XSS, website hang horse, tamper and other Hacker attacks.

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