What is CloudXNS?

CloudXNS is the biggest neutral telecommunication service provider of Internet infrastructure in China——21Vianet Group(NASDAQ:VNET)subordinate Beijing Fastweb independently researched and developed intelligently analytic DNS system with extremely new framework, provides multiple intelligent DNS analytic service.
CloudXNS uses the private DNS protocol of Beijing Fastweb in the design of responding, delivering, sotring and load balancing, all the analyses go into effect are in real time, self-service analysis is significantly convenient,simple and visible.
CloudXNS pronunciation:[klaudz ns],it is the abbreviation of Cloud eXtended Name Service,which means extensional intelligent DNS system,X is from extend。

Why use CloudXNS?

Users exist in different operator networks as a result of the increasingly development of networks,when users access cross operators and regions, intelligent DNS platform makes users of Unicom access servers of Unicom and users of Telecom access servers of Telecom, so as to improve website speed.
CloudXNS is an advanced intelligent DNS system that adds strategic analysis from traditional DNS system, it can recognize the source of users and dispatch access by proximity.
not only has sll the functions of main DNS products , but also extends its owm unique types of analysis record, obviously better than other products in respect to analytic speed, its analytic speed is two to three times faster than traditional DNS,DNS configuration goes into effect faster, is able to go into effect in real time.

Nine advantages for choosing CloudXNS:

Analysis takes effect significantly rapidly

Adopt private incremental DNS update protocal, make analysis dispatch taking effect immediately to CloudXNS all nodes all over the world, average time is 0.5s。

IP localization is accurate and precise

Automatically update global IPv4 zone IP attribution in real time,accurate to operator + prefecture-level city in domestic,accurate to country overseas; and support edns-client-subnet character analyses according to client IP.

Flexible and abundant lines

Support more than100 flexible lines to analyse according to strategies
Precise to province + operator, it also can open the function of custom private line according to need.

Load balance as you want

Adopt private DNS load balance technique, differentiate from tradition,can make A record and CNAME record load balance as any proportion, and also support all kinds of load balance that based on http redirect skip.

Warm care from safety protection

DNS cluster system based on cloud,support enormus concurrent analysis, automatically recognize attack at the same time, prevent and fight the attack immediately, and has functions of locking domain as well as notice of abnormal account, prevent user configuration from being changed by front-end hackers.

Distributed Hawkeye monitoring

High-performance Hawkeye monitoring system monitors target services from various aspects (distributed in various operators),7x24 hours summarizing state jumping information in real time, annunciate state jumping immediately.

Real time down alarm switch

When user target services suffered down incident,CloudXNS is able to support shielding browken-down nodes, opening spare nodes, opening parent layer configuration and other down switch strategies intelligently according to user configuration, so as to protect user's Internet services.

Convenient configuration management

Deploy analysis, check analysis, check statement, check alarm and other common functions are able to be operated by browser and mobile APP
Part of functions are able to be operated on WeChat account, inteliigent dns also supports multi-screen interaction; strong API is also provided, support user to control analysis by routine.

Analysis service is free forever

User demands motivate us to develop,because of you, we will consistently develop and create, and we promise that analysis service is free forever.

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